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In home guitar lessons with Esteban Anastasio

I teach guitar and bass.... at YOUR home or in my studio!

Kids come first!

My lessons are specifically designed for kids! and of course kids of all ages! 

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 I teach guitar, electric bass, music theory, improvisation, composition and fun!

Student Benefits

  1. All my students feel like rock stars! Because I make sure each lesson is both fun and enriching.
  2. I provide a clear lesson plan complete with goals, achievement levels, and performances.
  3. I use a song based teaching system so my students are learning songs they love while they get the academic benefits of music.
  4. I don’t overbook myself so my current clients get the full benefit of my energy.
  5. Music lessons have other great benefits like: Better grades, higher self esteem, more confidence, good social skills...and more!
  6. I’ve seen the benefits of music proven over and over, and I know that I’m teaching so much more than music.

I’m exclusive.  

I have an incredibly high success rate because I only work with students that are truly excited about music.

I’m currently fully booked, but will have a LESSON TIME COMING AVAILABLE in two weeks. Contact me now to reserve this lesson time.

My rates range from $120 to $578 Monthly.

Same day cancellation policy: 24 hour notice is required to avoid paying for a same day cancellation.
In-Home Under 18 Policy: If the student is under 18 years old, it is my policy, that an adult be present at the lesson location for the entire lesson duration.

My son has been taking guitar class with Esteban for two years. My son tried few instruments before and finally liked the guitar and would like to continue further.

Before, learning guitar he was not motivated to learn or play music he was learning. But, after starting the guitar lessons, he is interested to explore and experiment music with guitar. He enjoys it more.

Esteban, really motivates my son to try and learn guitar at his pace and he encourages him to pick songs that my son like. I feel that is very important to inculcate the interest in music.

Definitely. It is very much worth it and we want my son to learn and be good at it. We definitely recommend Esteban to anyone we know, who is interested in learning guitar.


I began taking Ukulele lessons last summer and my boyfriend started taking lessons with Esteban last winter. We both began lessons with him simply because we have been wanting to learn for years and teaching ourselves was not working well.

When I was teaching myself I was struggling, I could make the chords but I was frustrated that I could not make the song sound like it needed to. After just one lesson I learned patterns and techniques that allowed me to play. So What do I enjoy doing now that I could not do before taking lessons, it is simple I enjoy playing. I can look at chords on a piece of music and actually play what I see. I still need to practice and I have a long way to go but I am now enjoying the journey to being a ukulele player.

The quality of Esteban's lessons are not like any other I have had before. Esteban does not pressure you to play a particular book or lesson plan, he simply wants to know what you want to learn. Esteban has so much patience and understanding, if you are confused or just are not understanding what you are learning he both explains it and shows you until you do understand. With Esteban's way of teaching, lessons have been a fun stress free environment that has made it easy to learn.

I would say that my investment to my music education has definitely been worth every cent. I would recommend lessons with Esteban to everyone and I do recommend him each time a person mentions they want to learn. With some places you go to lessons and leave not really knowing how to play anything, however I feel that if you want to have the ability to walk out of a lesson and be able to play something, anything even twinkle twinkle little star and have that accomplished feeling just after a couple lessons you will with the way Esteban teaches you.

Sara Early

Yes, I would highly recommend Esteban. He goes out of his way to make the lesson and music choices relevant for my teenager. His love of the guitar and appreciation for music is apparent and has rubbed off on our son.

Kelly Corey

He is very patient and an excellent teacher. I am an adult learner and have appreciated his ability to take me back to basics and quickly improve my playing ability. I have only been studying with Esteban for 8 weeks and I am nearly ready to perform Villa Lobos' Prelude 1.

Don Petersen

I would recommend Esteban to anyone who is interested in playing the guitar, regardless of age. He is a fabulous musician, an expert in music theory and practice and is a very caring and sensitive teacher who truly delights in watching his students progress.

Steve Brown

Superb knowledge of music theory which will take one far beyond simply reciting written music!

Don Petersen

Esteban has wide range of musical knowledge and is eager to share it. He seems to enjoy teaching and that alone is engaging. Although I have recently started with Esteban, the tips and information that he has given me have already made a huge impact on my playing. Much more aware of tone and technique than just trying to play the right notes. I know the info he has passed on to me will be part of my playing for years to come.

Laura Smith

I've been taking guitar for about a year now at 50 because it's something I have always wanted to do but I regret I never committed to sooner.

I enjoy playing music with others now that I could never have considered before.

Esteban's lessons are great. His knowledge of music and the guitar is complete. There are now questions he can't answer, from style/genre to technique and theory while being fun informative and most importantly giving me all the tools to progress steadily.

My investment in music lessons has been very well worth every penny and I'm now excited to pick up my guitar and do something I've always hoped I could do but was to frustrated or scared before, play music. It is truly a great joy and source of pride that someday I'll be a "guitarist", maybe not exactly like Esteban but still worthy of the title.

John Ferronato

I took lessons from Esteban for a year and a half. I don't know what prompted the idea of learning guitar, but I needed a new way to express myself through a different medium. I saw a sign driving that was advertising guitar lessons! So I contacted the number - and learned about a new world !

Taking lessons from Esteban taught me and prepared me to work on my skills and experiment with guitar in my own time. Now I can write my own songs, learn other people's song and use the guitar to it's full potential. In lessons, I initially started with an acoustic guitar where we focused on learning simple songs and other musical motifs like timing, theory, attack and hand position. Eventually after a few months, I had advanced to learning from "The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method - Volume 2: Guitar Technique" and more advanced studies of right hand fingerpicking technique. Now on my own, I play on a electric 6 string and an acoustic 12 string guitar!!

Esteban is a very good, observant and patient teacher. From the very first lesson to every lesson following, I was challenged to focus and hone in on my skills more. From learning about basic music theory to guitar technique, I felt he helped me understand and accomplish the goals I had for the lesson. Compared to other teachers, he gets right down to work and the lesson for that week. Although the lessons were serious, the environment was very fun and encouraging !

Yes 100%!! I do not regret a lesson because each lesson was new and exciting that I got to learn more about guitar and music!!

Uzma Masoud

When I started three months ago, I knew nothing about the guitar. Thanks to Esteban, I am now working my way through Villa Lobos' Prelude No. 3, with Prelude No. 4 on the horizon. I am also progressing steadily through the first Christopher Parkening method book and have just started the book of major and minor scales by Segovia.

Steve Brown

Just beginning with guitar in general but focusing on classical/flamenco. Within a short time, I can already feel the improvement in both my right and left-hand technique. As Esteban stresses relaxation/position in all playing I can practice a lot without feeling fatigued.

Laura Smith